Duterte Philippine President kisses Woman on Stage

in duterte •  5 months ago

What Does Everyone Thing Of This ?

Duterte Philippines president kissing a woman on stage

It makes me laugh there was two woman he did not want the other woman. I think if he wants to do this stuff he show do it in a hotel room not on the stage in public. It just makes him look stupid.

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lol I was pretty sure this was going to be horrible but it was not. He seems like a pretty funny guy.
You mistyped "think".

That's special... !
I think, he kisses the woman on stage because he represent him as attractive... @newmarket65

It is a normal news, if he kissed a man at the stage, that will be a great news 😂😂😂


he does not like gays I think


😂 I hope, he does not 😂


She is just a fan in love

Oh my God! She is going crazy. unnamed (9).gif

And this woman is his wife?


no not at all


Will he be single? although good is normal if you have a wife I think I will be jealous hahaha