To Dust! (Not To Ashes)

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I have The Day Off, And I Am Celebrating!

The momentum I gained through the #tenkminnows initiative brought me well past the target of 500 Steem Power, and I intend to keep going!

When I powered up today, I set aside 5 STEEM to celebrate in pay-it-forward style.

Is Your Account Growing?

Are you posting, commenting, and upvoting, but not earning STEEM every day? Your organic interactions are worth something, but every day our Steem blockchain burns hundreds of small upvotes as "dust."

Let's say your upvote is valued at less than $0.02. (Mine is, even at 500 Steem Power.) Maybe you follow a few other accounts of similar size, and you often upvote each other's posts and comments. If the total upvotes reach $0.02, you and your patrons will receive a payout at the 7-day mark. If it does not, the "dust" is burned, and you receive nothing.

There is a good reason to do this. Burning dust makes it harder to farm rewards by grinding hundreds of $0.001 upvotes with bots. The STEEM is recycled back into the reward pool, where it bolsters the rewards of those who have joined communities, built up a network, and made use of the resources available in our Steem ecosystem.

If you haven't been one of these empowered Steemians so far, it's time to start!

Do You Have Comments With Upvotes That Went To $0.00 After 7 Days?

If so, you need @dustsweeper! Dustsweeper captures the organic engagement you might otherwise lose, like the upvotes people leave on your comments. It's like your own personal Steem compost bin!

I would like to sponsor 5 new @dustsweeper accounts for sincere Steemians who want to grow their accounts organically. Each account provides at least 20 upvotes of $0.02 or less, just enough to ensure that the votes you receive organically are not lost. The process is explained in the Dustsweeper FAQ.

To be eligible for this award:

  • nominate yourself or someone else in the comments below
  • link a recent post from the person you nominate
  • you may nominate more than one person

Your Dustsweeper account can only capture votes you receive, not votes you give. To get the most from Dustsweeper, consider nominating any other small accounts that you regularly upvote, especially if you vote on comments which might never reach $0.02.

If more than five people are nominated, I will choose my five favorites. Priority will be given to sincere content, people who engage with others in comments and replies, and people who do not already have a Dustsweeper account. While I won't specifically prioritize English language, it does help if I can read and understand your posts.

If fewer than five nominations are received, I will probably just give the remainder away as @steembasicincome shares to the winners.

Let's Grow Together!

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Thanks for the nomination @mayb

I love @dustsweeper and @dustbunny both services are helping get more people to minnow level in their own way which is something we really need! The steemit middle class needs to grow to dilute whale influence and support

I think this is a great initiative! You should also check out @pifc we try to curate cool posts from under valued bloggers each week and it’s a good bit of fun like a content scavenger hunt of sorts

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Indeed we do need to grow! Nice to meet you guys.
PIFC is a great initiative, I have joined it a few times but not often enough. Thanks for the prompt to go check it out again

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I will check @pifc out!

I'm nominating three of my fellow freewriters for your generous offer, @wholeself-in. All three of these women in crypto are very consistent and interesting and all could use this help.

@myjob - tells of her life fishing in Florida. It's not an easy life!

@teresah - posts hopeful and uplifting words from Venezuela in spite of the troubles there.

@wakeupkitty - Posts fantastic work from Northern Europe about kids and life and making do. She is a real go-getter, trying every thing to succeed on steem.

I recently got dustsweeper for myself and I am stunned by how often I get votes from them. I comment a lot and sometimes get 3 votes in one day! All that money used to go nowhere and now I get it and so does the person who liked my thought.

What a great idea you have with this one. I am so glad I saw it today :)


Thank you for your nominations! I am also glad you saw the offer 😊

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I get the impression I should start following this camillesteemer account. He's always downvoting beneficial content. Happy I found you. This is quite a useful post. Thanks a lot!


You're welcome! I'm glad it was useful.
I don't think it would do any good to follow camillesteemer, as far as I know the account if only used for flags and never posts. Here is the most recent info I know of about it:
The thing I don't get, is that it does not seem to be automated. So maybe there is a person there, manually reading and downvoting things. Or maybe there is a method that I just haven't figured out. I don't always get flagged, but I do sometimes.

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I know he uses mechanical Turk and micro workers to automate some with cheap labor.

Super persistent despite almost no rewards.


Thank you for clearing the murkiness around this. I had this terribly sad picture in my head of someone just reading through the blockchain alone, manually downvoting whatever is generally positive about Steem for months and months...
Actually, that still seems pretty sad even when it's through mechanical Turk.

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I know. From time to time he downvotes me, too. I was just joking. I have never been concerned about camileesteemer. His flags don't do anything. It's more troublesome for the person behind it.


… and now that I thought about it, I would like to suggest holoz0r, chekohler, and myself. I am a new follower to both accounts and was very happy to find them because they are active commenters.

@chekohlerAre You Open To Being Wrong
@holoz0rDoes Notre Dame, through its destruction, become more meaningful and poetic?
@maybyou upvoted my latest. This is how I found you. :) I don't want to share it, so I share a more positive one: Let Me Live Where There's Always Springtime – Taking Suggestions

I nominate @luueetang my closest friend on this platform! He writes about technology, tv shows, and restaurant reviews! He even has made some DTube video tours of his city in Malaysia! (Being that I came over from YouTube, I love when people make videos!!)

This is great! Thanks!!

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Thank you for nominating! I will check it out!

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