Do I need anything in the memo field or I just send over sbd?

Just send the SBD. 1 SBD is a good start. You can also send Steem but SBD is fine.
Also when you upvote old posts and comments you might as well do 100% since you don't lose any voting power. lol

I am now using @dustsweeper. Started with a small amount to get started.

I'm struggling seeing how dustsweeper gets me more of an upvote or how the money comes back. How do you check your balance?

They send you a message when your balance is low or you can send them more $ and they will give you your balance. If you self upvote 100% you probably don't need @dustsweeper. You only need it if you get a minnowvote and don't upvote yourself enough to get over the payout threshold.

Didn't realize that. Guess its time to look at the wallet and add more.

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