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Today I am writing about DupliNow - a free passive income system with 0 investment obligations. Dupli Now has a few cryptos you can withdraw as low as $0.02 instantly. You will be required to have a Faucetpay account, sign up here. If you already have a Faucetpay account then continue reading below.

Getting Started

Sign up and create an account at Duplinow.com to get started. You will receive some free coins to get started. To start out you will also need to purchase a machine from the Machines Room. Use your free coins from signing up to purchase your first machine. The basic starter machine will earn you 0.01 coins per minute, 1.2 per hour, 28.8 per day, 864 per month and 1052.02 annually.

Earning Coins

Everyday you can get 10 free coins from the Daily Claim section of the menu. Remember to claim these everyday as they will add up over time. Another great way of earning coins is through "Earn Free Coins" tab. Through this tab you can complete paid to click ads and visit websites for accumulating free coins. Doing offerwalls such as installing apps or playing games earn you coins very quickly. You can purchase coins as well if you are interested in investing in machines. Please always do your own research before purchasing anything from any site. I am not giving financial advice or advising you to purchase anything, I am simply showing this is an option.

Exchange Coins to Withdraw

Once you have accumulated enough coins for the minimum withdraw head over to the Exchange tab. Please note you will need to have entered your deposit wallet address for the desired crypto in the Settings before withdrawing.

200 Coins is the minimum withdraw at the moment and equals to $0.02 USD. You can withdraw to Payeer, Dogecoin, Bitcoin and of course Faucetpay. Payeer and Faucetpay are instant and once you withdraw it will show up in your balance right away. For Faucetpay withdraw you will be payed in USDT or Tether stablecoin. Withdrawing as a stable coin means you are not impacted by the volatility of the market. There are many withdraw intervals to choose from ranging from $0.02 at 200 Coins all the way up to $500.00 at 5000000 Coins.

That's all there is to it for DupliNow, if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to ask their Support. You can also feel free to ask me and I will do my best to help out as well. Have you heard of DupliNow before? I have already withdrawn twice from this site without having to invest anything.

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