My First Dtubesnap #01

in dtubesnap •  2 months ago

Hello Friends, This is my first dtubesnap. Today My nephew's birthday let's with him. sorry for that this snap uploaded from computer because my net is so slow I am not able to do it from mobile.

Tania @hmetu

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It's great having here I DTube @hmetu. You are very much welcome and I'm quite certain you'll love it here. We have a lot of fun and amazing people on DTube.
Looking forward to seeing more of your videos

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it's my suggestion to you please upload minium one video every day, any problem you contact me,

we are glad to see you here..

welcome to dtube and dtubesnap

have a wonderful time and a very happy birth day,

Happy Birthday to your nephew!!! Great first video :D

Happy birthday to your nephew!!! :)


I am newbie at Dtube and nice meeting you Tania:)

Welcome to DTube & we wish you a nice stay here!

Happy birthday to your little nephew as well.

I see you are from Bangladesh, I must ask - do you know who Sadhguru is? What do you think about him?

The guy is one of my role models and I think you guys are blessed to have such an enlightened creature available to you

Hey Tania, You are most welcome to Dtubesnap Fun Club. Hope we will see more and more snap from you. By the way-Happy Birthday to your nephew

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