D.Tube Forum Day 2

Before I actually get to day two I'd like to share three photos of yesterday: @heimindanger in conversation ...


... at this beautiful square here in Barcelona ...



Now on to day 2 with coffee and conversations at the beach bar Vai Moana





... slowly but surely getting ready ...


... for our clean planet walk ...


... before we all sat down for a well-earned lunch with more time to get to know each other





@hauptmann @greencross @tibfox @sergiomendes @artakush @cryptospa @roger.remix @dtube.forum @cleanplanet


It is so beautiful and Barcelona and it is really fun to be here with so Steemians!

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us, @mariusfebruary!

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Perfect photos as usual @mariusfebruary Thank you for sharing these great shots with us. Looking forward to start the @dtube.forum after show party with you in a bit. 😁

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Awesome shots my friend! I am really happy that we all together have this exciting and inspirational happening! See you at the club :D


Love it! I love the black and white photo of @sergiomendes
but this one is my favourite: really makes me want to be there:

It makes me so intensely happy to see all these faces being together. I’m so close to BCN and couldn’t come but that won’t happen a second time <3

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Really great photos! i'll implement them in the best of day 2 compilation!

Once again great and natural shots...

Thumbs up to everyone!

amazing! Thank you for the photos @mariusfebruary, once again you did a great photo set!

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I was just asking someone where i could find a few photos or a video form the forum. :)

Looks like you guys had fun. Maybe next year the forum comes to Croatia. There are a few of us creators from here. Im sure we would welcome the dtubers well. :)

So jealous! This is awesome. It would be incredibly interesting to actually get to hang in real life with such a steem hivemind. I've been on Dtube and Dsound pretty much as my only interaction with the platform since 2017... the hard work these folks put in adds SO MUCH VALUE to the steemit ecosystem. Killer that people are starting to organize around it IRL.

Wow! What an amazing photo report! We all look like good and happy! A concerned community awarness for each other.
Happy to meet you @mariusfebruary! We all have to exchange experience, it was great.
In the name of @cleanplanet... Thank you for coming with us and support this event and community in the community.
@yann0975 @cleanplanet @french.fyde @lecharles

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Thanks to everyone at the Dtube forum for inspirational talks aswell as some great moments :)... Would love to continue what I have in mind but MY HANDS ARE TIGHT!!!!!!!
Cheers guys!

We need a gif ASAP! ;D

You deserve the award or the fastest gif made!!!! will catch up and do one myself, I'll nominate people aswell hahah. My hands are tide all over Steem! :)

Oh Hell yes Haha, let's make it a tag and a meme on Steem Blockchain!!

Artakush tries to untie his hands in the bush...

It was my great pleasure to meet you and to get to know you. I love how you think and speak about life. I think that we have felt the same feeling meeting each other, being similar minded, open and futuristic about life!

Can't wait to meet you somewhere in the world again.

Artakush packs his bags to go back to the bush...

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Everybody looks so happy.
What did I miss?

Awesome photos man and I am not gonna miss this one a second time.

Much love to everybody.

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You do take really amazing photos. It is a talent. And you have it. No one ever get me on photos when I am smiling. 🤔 Me smiling is a rare moment. Ehehe it was very nice to meet You. Thank you so much for all the photos, conversations, knowledge and for being so kind 😉 hopefully we will meet again soon.

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Great shots! I'm seeing familiar faces over here. Glad to know you're having a great time

Oh wow !!!! Just came back after almost a year on Steem and I didn't know this was happening !
Very nice idea <3 ! And the location looks great !!!!!
By the way, @heimindanger, I love your new hair style :D :D :D <3 <3 <3
@adetorrent, if you want to go to Barcelona, will be near by in few weeks and we can go to this amazing Vai Moana bar :D

I love this photo album for short, really tells more about the beautiful square in Barcelona. Wow, I'm really missing alot, how I wish I could make it up to the @dtube.forum. @mariusfebruary thanks for this photo update. Hope to see more soon.... Sending you greetings from Ilorin. Kwara state. Nigeria.

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@mariusfebruary, Hope that you'll enjoyed the Clean Planet Walk. Coffee conversation and specially VAI MOANA is looking really cool place.

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Wow ! extraordinary photography
Beautiful pictures thank you..Greets
as a photographer i can say this is very good work!

Amazing picture, the environment looks great and with mixture of beautiful lights
and addon effect of this picture is natural views.

Really very beautiful photography.@mariusfebruary i love D.tube

Sweet shots!! Love seeing everyone getting together in da real world!

my dear friend @cryptospa in your photo frame. wow. hope you enjoy this time lot.

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I love the photography! Great post

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Beautiful photos! Very interesting moments. I see you have great fun. I greet everyone!

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Very nice the bar "Vai Moana", happy to see that in Barcelona weather condictions are goods, in Rimini are 3 weeks that rain 5-6 time for week!!!

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Love the photos! what did you use to shot? @mariusfebruary
And what a great initiative from @dtube!
Should've come along to talk about Aerial-Italy
PS the Bar picture is absolutely outstanding!

Hey @mariusfebruary cool to see that you took an adventure with some other steemians :) It looks like it was a lot of fun :P

The photo from the bar looks really awesome, can you recommend that place? - feels like i have to take an insta vacation :D


I have been there only in the morning and it was very good to start the day. Several of the group also went for drinks the evening before so I am sure it very good for a sundowner or later, too (pretty sure @hauptmann has more).

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It was a great job, what I liked the most were the images on the beach, to keep the planet clean. It is a great initiative, which we must always spread wherever we go, even in a shopping center that we visit, we must make people aware of the importance of keeping spaces clean ... our planet need it.

Lol somehow I imagined @heimindanger way younger looking

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It was a 35mm objective, perhaps I should have taken the 28 or 21mm 🤔?

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Windy picture. Somehow looks like im losing my hair but im not 😏

Don't worry, I know what it's like, having the same issue

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