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In this HwZ 94 I take you with me as I give my new selfie stick a test run on a hiking trail on Chumash land. I go over a lot of topics in this vlog.
a) Most important (to me) it is my Mothers Birthday today! (yesterday)

  1. @Dtube update, Livestreaming is now possible.
  2. Huge Gifting on @Dlive
  3. I review the "Smove" selfie stick.


Together We Are Strengthening The STEEMblock!
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@trojanwall #steempowerment #communitygrowthproject #ghsc

If you like my shirt visit as always thank you for the support @adamkokesh

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This is the future and we are a paaaaart of it :D

Big Congratualtions to you @mariandreapf!! <3


Thank you very much! ❤️❤️

wonderful views up there.

yeah i need me a gimble of sorts.. badly... hero 6 black coming next week tho which has built in stabilisation but yeah a jig would be awesome

I've must said 'Thank you' a hundred times but I don't feel like is enough. I'm so blessed to be part of this community and I hope I can always create content deserving of you guys. Thank you so much @zainenn for this incredible video. You are the best! I deeply appreciate your support.

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