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I like friend good work


Thank you :)

wooohooooo!!! man! It feels good to comment again :)

Brother, these days are just there, but I'm really happy for you that you snapped out of it <3

I also liked the drawing on the screen. Amazing!

Winny out...for now ;)


:) love seeing you in my comments Winny, makes my day. Yeah I'm learning you have to accept these days to grow the strength to snap out of them.

Tried something new with the drawings glad you noticed :)

yes. Unfortunately Americans know the Apprentice. We get constant reminders of it... as Donald Trump is the product of Americas Apprentice.

Yeah.... moving the blood is always the best way to get motivated. though sometimes i just try to honor my demotivated moments. sorta accept it and veg watching an entire season of some show in one glorious sloth binge.


Ahh I didn't know that about Trump haha. I love the UK apprentice haha!

Yeah sometimes you have to have them binge sessions to appreciate the grind!

Nice journey from tired and unmotivated to crushing it. And you said you weren't a story teller! By the way, how did you like Doctor Who? I was kinda disappointed. Hope it picks up at the season motors on.