DTube video #12 Why you delegate Sp to dtube

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There are three main reason why you delegate your SP to Dtube
1.If you delegate your SP to Dtube you get bigger reward from Dtube
2.Its also support for Dtube plate form if you delegate SP to Dtube in future you get big Upvote due to Dtube have more steempower .
3.Dtube will pay you delegator reward for loaning them your SP.

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What the APR% return for Dtube delegation , any ideas ?

D.tube is steem Chanel or it's YouTube


Dtube is a platform built on steem's blockchain.

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Its really appreciable for me your vote give me motivation and make more video on Dtube and promote this plate form In my each video . My video topic is provide education about steemit and Dtube also and help those who don't know much about steemit and i am going to upvote you as a witness