Japan 🇯🇵 DTube #5 🇯🇵 When is the last time you invested your own money 💰in STEEM Power ?

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Hope everyone is having wonderful Sunday.

I was planning on doing a difficult Dtube video today then I checked CMC for price of STEEM and then changed my mind to ask this question.

I know not everyone has the financial ability to invest money with STEEM Power, However I’m curious to know when is the last time you bought SP with your own money.

Anyway I’ll be buying more SP today :)

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Good Morning @nathanmars

I bought some Steem this morning and yesterday have been trying to take advantage of the low Steem price as much as I can. In fact over the last month or so, in little bits, I've bought more SP than I've earned in the almost 9 months I've been here.

I've worked really hard to get a decent reputation and up until very recently was posting 4 times a day. Now it's down to 2 and, having experienced the difference between buying SP and working for it, I am in the process of reassessing what I do here.

Perhaps it makes more sense to spend a little extra time working outside and then buying Steem with that extra fiat rather than working flat out here.

Thank you for the generous upvotes you have given me from time to time. They are very much appreciated. 😊


Super happy to hear that you bought SP today.

I could certainly understand your points. Everyone need their time to find their way to earn more with steem. I would say don’t focus too much on numbers, Try to support the Steem DApps to increase your earnings.

Also having multiple income always helps.

Have a great week ahead:)


I would say don’t focus too much on numbers

Which numbers were you referring to here @nathanmars?

I'm currently delegating to actifit and I've invested a bit in Steem Monsters, not exactly a DApp but it looks quite good at the moment I think.

I have a few others to investigate on my list but my main focus so far has been on getting my Steem Power up so I can spread my vote around more. Trying to upvote beyond the dust threshold.

The financial side of things has been a steep learning curve for me but bit by bit I'm understanding it better.

Have a great week ahead:)

Thank you. And you too. 😊

I never buy SP by my own money, because i do not have money (poor man). So i changed SP by SBD or STEEM.
Have a good day my friend @nathanmars


Thanks for being honest my friend!

Have a lovely Sunday:)


Yes my friend. Honest is very important to be a good person.


Yes my friend. Honest
Is very important to
Be a good person.

                 - aulnyaksyabandi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yeahhh yesterday and today are great times to buy steem! I'm thinking about a month ago. Nice to meet you from a fellow nomad!


I’m happy to hear you’ve bought steem last month.

Lovely to meet you too my fellow Nomad :)

The last time I bought steem from my own money to power up was about 3 weeks ago.
It was the first time I had bought some from fiat.

Investing own money.??..well for some one residing in India need to have plenty in their bank account to invest on steem here. the exchange rate is 1$ = 70 Rs....so i never did it..but yes i earned few on steemit. And just keep.steeming to accumulate few more...it is right time though to put your money on steem.....but not for me

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Thanks for letting me know my friend!

Happy Sunday:)


Thanks @nathanmars ....keep steeming and steem on...👍 have a nice day..(sunday)

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@nathanmars, the last time I invested money, buying Steem and converting it into Steem Power was on Friday.

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I’m glad to hear you bought SP last Friday!

Happy Steeming @cryptospa :)

I heave earned every SP through interaction with the folks on STEEMit. I wish so much that I had the money to buy some right now but lifestyle and business transition limit me to wishing.

I will ASAP though because this is such a steal and a REAL head start even for everyone just recently joined. Great opportunity for real and I am glad you are taking advantage of it.


Thanks being honest. You’re invested your skills and talent with steem. I’m so happy to see you’ve powered up :))

Happy Sunday my friend:)

You know though I have not too much ability but always I am trying my best and answer to question is 18 days ago I invest my own money. And I am continuously using my steem for power up.


You’re doing great 👍 my friend!

I believe you’re going to be a great Steemian !!!

Enjoy your weekend 😃


Thanks a lot for encourage comment. :D

Just like you said @nathanmars, not everyone has the money to be steem. But I know that if I had the money, buying steem would have been a regular thing for me.


Happy to hear that if you had money you would buy SP regularly!

Happy Weekend:)


Happy weekend to you too @nathanmars.