How to Draw "" Dog"" in 15 minutes - art by @li-art 🎬 Daily Dtube Videos

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drawing a dog in a simple way

hello wonderful friends, :)

today i have a new drawing , a Dog
animals are the best for us to practice lines , light and shadows, actually i used shadows and the light is the papers white color
i used only one pencil 6B for this work
i hope it helps you in your artworks :)

the main video is 15 minutes and the speed one , 02:10"
here is the final step drawing


Copy Right @li-art - All Rights Reserved

i hope you enjoyed watching my blog , see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, thanks .

wish you a great day. Lia :)


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I love all your How-To-Draw videos!!! I would really like to see you do a few more how-to-draw animal videos. ❤👌😊❤

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Another beautiful dog drawing, @li-art :D The spots are done so well, and I love the look in this dalmatian's eyes * ___ *

Looks very cute, love it!

Beautiful drawing! I like this eyes and nose ^_^