How to Draw "" cute dog"" in 30 minutes - art by @li-art 🎬 Daily Dtube Videos

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hello wonderful friends, :)

today i have this cute dog , it was too cute so i decided to draw it today
i just used lines , and i only used shading for his nose

and i control the pencil by the pressure on it , more pressure leads to have darker parts , i used 6B and HB pencils ,

i hope you find it helpful in your artworks ! :) have a nice day
here is the final step of this video


Copy Right @li-art - All Rights Reserved

i hope you enjoyed watching my blog , see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, thanks .

wish you a great day. Lia :)


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Amazing drawing technique! I like this dog:)


thank you so much <3

WOW! you draws are awesome and you channel too keep it up :)


thank you so much :)

Great information for quick drawing from you. Very good Technic to draw dog. Congratulate my friend li-art


thank you so much <3