How to Draw Lip and Candy in 30 minutes - art by @li-art 🎬 Daily Dtube Videos

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Drawing lips and Candy

hello :) today i want to show you this drawing, video tutorial of lips and candy !
i used 6B and HB , also 3H pencil for the tongue in lighter parts

and also in candy

it's how i draw this work , i have daily tutorials , everyday a new drawing from 0 to 100
i have focus on pencil drawing and videos for my blog
video duration 2:48"

and here is the final step


Copyright @li-art - All Rights Reserved

i hope you enjoyed watching my blog , see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, thanks .

wish you a great day. Lia :)


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Only one thing to say AMAZING video ❤😊❤
Love your style! You are so amazing at sketching!


thank you very much dear @ykdesign <3

very nice drawing li-art


thank you so much @janan

beautiful, !! <3


thanks dear Melani <3

oh it's amazing


thank you :)

amazing one, i wish i had talent on drawing..;D


thank you so much :d @kalvas . yes that is nice to do some art works