Guess The DTubers! (Part 1) 😜 | COMEDY SKIT

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Can you guess the 4 Dtubers who I am impersonating?

Comment below if you want me to take a shot at impersonating you in part 2 of this series!

THANKS TO @liveyourdream for suggesting this as a series

Please say hi! I'd love to meet everyone on here and talk about cryptos and life 👊

Have a lovely day and hope you join me on this epic journey #GoSteem

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GIT GUD SCRUB! (DTube Secret)

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aaand you're live


DTube Noticed Me. can't breathe


Source Material:


Oh sorry man, I'm sure he didn't know you invented impressions. Actual source material:

Just because you did one impression about the same guy (our friend) doesn't mean he copied you. I know it sucks when you put a lot of work into a video and don't get any recognition, but don't take it out on people who do. We're supposed to be better than YouTube. So take your salty .002 cent down-vote somewhere else.

That @captainbob impression though 😂😂😂😂

I like how this video’s underlying message is that everyone has their own personalities that make their videos unique 👌🏼

It’s just hilarious to watch though 😂


Yeah, we're all unique! That's what I love about it

Hahaha awesome, Kevin! I can only guess the first three as the last one is somebody I probably don't follow.

1st @dnews
2st @captainbob


But who is no.4?

Awesome again.

It was

Captain Bob
Adventuroous Soul :D



Hahaha, I tend to pretend it's not raining so I can project sunshines and rainbows in my reality. 😃
I also loved @captainbob impersonation, that angle!


hahaha, love that positivity

Hahahaha :D Nice impersonation

Great video bro!


haha thanks, Reinis. You're on my radar, but I need some kind of either really good drone or shitty drone haha


Hahaha :D Nice!

I believe that you will acquire one soon! :)


Are you sending me one? Reinis, you shouldn't have1


Haha! When steem will be worth 50$ I will send a drone to 5 lucky people :D

Bwhahaha! Absolutely awesome! You do a great Captain Bob impression my friend, lol.


Coming from the man himself, thank you! Yours was the funniest to think about. Have a good one!

LOL! Terrible!

  1. ME - punk
  2. captainbob (nailed it)
  3. art (nailed it)
  4. adventurousoul? (could be wrong on this one)


pretty good! :D got my zoom effect there eh! hahahaha


DING DING! Adventuroussoul is correct.

Now back to the basement u go!

Lmao omg you beat me to it and you we’re the first on my list I swear.
Great minds think alike!


Please do it! I was trying to figure out yours, but your accent is surprisingly tricky. It's not traditional NYC from what I know, which sucks! haha


What accent?!!? Lol


Your American one! haha

Bahahaha exactly what I needed today buddy. Gold Logie performance, for all those non-Aussie viewers, that’s an Aussie TV award.
Nice one mate


Thanks bud!

HI @ kevinli i say you KING of detube when i open d tube i found your videos in plenty.I am fan of your hard work.


Oh shucks, thank you, farah!

omg out of all of those the Dnews impression was my fav lol hilarious XD


No @tanbay



Tanbay don't lie @dnews

LOL your american impression hahaha


Thanks, fortune cat!

Hahaha top notch!

The black and white double speed shot was so spot on :)


Cheers, Tyler! Turned out better than I thought haha

ahhahah the @dnews and @captain bob impressions were so on point :P the last two were a bit trickier but yeah my first guess was for the third... fourth one... hmm... still thinking

· and adventurousoul. Guess it's hard because we all watch different people it's hard to properly follow them


haha thanks gangas. U rock

ahaha this was funny man :)


Thanks, Gisi!

Funny as **** . Dnews and you should get in a car and do stereo!!! That would make peoples heads explode lol


pay for the tickets and we will haha

I have pied a little bit LOLOLOLOL

So good! You are the man


Thanks, Sergio ❤️

Hahahahha very funny lol


thank you!

Made my day haha!



I guessed the first 2, but thats it hehe.


the last 2 are and @adventuroussoul

You Sir are a legend :D

Source material:


ewwww a downvote and spam?

OMG, I can't believe I missed this yesterday. Man you had me in stitches at points lol.

That was awesome Kevin! Although for @DNews you need to say 'guys' ever three words lol!

haha...loving this

Am new here but the way you switch between personalities is cool. This seems like fun and I think I just have found my niche. Nice one