Dtube Money: How To Make Money With Your Videos/Self-Awareness Of What Makes You Happy | EP 044

in dtubedaily •  5 months ago

What's up dtube, my name is Harshil Patel and today I want to share with you a fun topic for me!

The past few months have been exciting, I've started exploring creative ways to generate cash with the work I already like doing... which is making videos. So I decided to make a video about this topic :)

It's easy to place our mindset on one way to make money with video..

In our case, steemit or dtube. Which makes total sense. But what makes this really exciting is that if you create videos, you have enough skills to that can be monetized. Which I go through in this video :)

Final Thoughts:

Grateful :)

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Aweome video! This kind of stuff has definitely been top of mind for me lately. I think it’s smart to diversify your earnings!

So funny because I’ve also realized for myself that I’d prefer not to work directly with clients either. It’s kind of just like getting another boss.

Awesome video all around!


Hey! Agreed, creating multiple streams of income takes time, but so worth it in the long run. With the internet, anything is possible! Thanks for commenting and watching :)

really interesting video friend thanks for sharing


thank you!!!

Really good solid point in this video! Especially about the ones who are ready to pay to you and give whatever you ask. It's interesting for me as I look forward to getting better as a video maker and gain my own "fanbase" at some point.


hey! thanks for watching and yeah I totally agree. Fanbase is everything :)

Exactly, be efficient and not only effective. There are lot´s of ways to make money with content creation, but obviously the STEEM blockchain just showed everybody a easier way to do it.

Today I´ll be a "part of your marketing", I had to re-steem, you just shared so many useful advices/tactics to make extra money.


hey man! thanks for watching and commenting :) thanks for the resteem

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