Dtube Marketing: Using Quora To Drive TRAFFIC To Your Videos/Finding Places Online Where People Hang Out | EP050

in dtubedaily •  6 months ago

What's up dtube, my name is Harshil Patel and today I want to share a fun little project I have going behind the scenes.

For the longest time, I've been curious about this one question: Can I drive free traffic to my videos, products, profile pages.

Well For some time now, I've been slowly adding value on Quora, answering questions on things I care about.

Giving VALUE is the only WAY

The best part of this website is that, you need to add real value before you can get anything back in return. It's a good website to train your mindset to always be giving.

Final Thoughts:

Grateful :)

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I'm just starting to build up my karma on reddit. I should definitely scale to Quora as well.


Yeah, Quora is fun, and I should honestly do the same on reddit!

I've used quora in the past for my Mynd Now channel and it's a great traffic source :) will get back into it because my targeted audience is hanging out there as well :)

Winny out...for now 😉


Heck yeah man