Dtube Video Essay: How I fell In Love With Steemit... Again | Video Essay 001

in dtubedaily •  5 months ago

OH BABY! What's up dtube, my name is Harshil Patel and I'm launching a second series that will sit next to my Short Stories called Dtube Video Essays.

For me, I've spent hours the past few weeks learning and understanding motion graphics and now I want to put them in video to help tell my stories better. So Each week, I'll produce 1 to 2 video essays a week showcasing a thought I'm having.

My first video Essay is about how I fell in love with Steem all over again.

Yeah.. there was a point where I started hating it. I'll explain in this video :)

Final Thoughts:

Grateful :)

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Amen and Amen!I feel the exact same way. Lets focus on the value of the people, the experience, the journey.. and not the dollar amount. That is where the true value is hidden. And it is then that we can really create something special beyond our wildest dreams. I loved the cool laid back vibe of this video. Beautifully executed, and very well said!


Thank you! Agreed. I will go to my death bed 80 years from now still calling myself a content creator. (dramatic but very true)

actually steemit is a good platform.


I agree, they still need to figure out some things but they have a very GREAT working model