Vlog #002: Introduction About My new thinking to Work on DTube

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Hey guys!❤
I am Evalina here. I am 17. I am a member of Steemit. I am really very lucky that I am a member of this family. Now I also want to be a member of Dtube.

Dtube is a platform of Steemit. As I am working on Steemit I also want to be a part of this platform.

Dtube is that kind of platform where people share their videos. They get payment. They get votes. People are sharing new ideas, new thoughts, so many new things. They are watching others videos. They are judging them. Because of this so many new ideas are coming in front of us.

I also want to make videos. I also want to share new ideas of mine here. I want to do something creative here. I hope the people of here will like my ideas. I want do do videos so that I can get votes, I can get payment.

Dtube wants content creators. I also want to be a content creator. I will make videos on exclusive things. I will put my interesting ideas in each videos.

As I am working hard on Steemit I also want to work hard on Dtube. Dtube relies on Steemit. In future I want to prosper in Steemit as well as Dtube. Both are amazing platform. For these amazing platform I want to do some amazing work.

The people of Dtube are really very creative. I also want to be a part of this creative world. I also want to learn some creative things. For that I just need all of your support.

So guys please keep supporting me. I will really work hard and i will also do my best. Keep me in your prayers.

Specially Thanks to @dtube and @steemit
Subscribe to my channel for my next videos. Stay Tuned

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Evalina! You are so much Pretty as I see!

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This is good. I'm taking music to my phone.

Welcome to the family!! Glad to have you here! :)

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