Tapping Chat With Awesome EFT'er Penny Croal - Movies, Emotions and Finding The Root Cause

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Greetings Steem Stars

Yesterday, I had this conversation with my great friend and excellent practitioner, Penny Croal.

We were talking about emotions and how to use them to find the deep root cause events that can keep you stuck in any area of life.

I especially wanted to share this, as we are discussing movies and how they can cause you to feel deep emotional states in an instant.

However you are emotionally affected by a movie is a great clue to uncover your limiting beliefs and emotional blocks in life.

You can bet that what you see in it will be completely different than what anyone else sees!

Wishing you health, wealth and freedom

Sam x

p.s. If you happen to live near Bristol and want to learn EFT and other techniques with two amazing master trainers - check our workshops out here - https://eftnow.co.uk/events/

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