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RE: Vlog #21 - Sun is Out and a Smile is Back on My Face

in #dtubedaily3 years ago

This was super fun to watch. 😄 Haha, the good guys instead of best buy. To me, it looks like America. Just with kangaroos.
It's so fun to pretend you're a tourist, right?

The sun does wonders. You're sparkling with energy!


I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it Kate :)

This place is so similar to America it freaks me out haha I love being over the top and as overly touristy as I can be. I love the awkward looks from locals!

The sun has final graced us with its presence. I am definitely a sun feeder. It gives me so much power. Maybe I am part plant?? hahaha

I know right, me too! PLANTPEOPLE 🌿
We have so much in common with them green friends!