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RE: Vlog #21 - Sun is Out and a Smile is Back on My Face

in #dtubedaily3 years ago

I'm so pleased the smile (and sunshine) has returned bro. ☀️

I tell you, the sun has that effect on me too. I'm a child of light (both literally and otherwise). Summer is coming and the sun is out here today too, so I'm seriously upbeat.

[ It's the UK though, so of course rain is predicted for the next 7 days 😭 ]


I am 100% the same way! I can handle a day or two of rain but once it keeps drudging on past that I start to get pretty down. Season depression is a very real thing.

Glad to hear that the typical weather has taken a break for you. Soak it up while you still can :D

I would probably lose my mind if I lived in London to be honest haha unrelenting rain would not do me well and pairing that with the chaos of that big of a city. YIKES!