Why We Think Steemit Worldmap is Awesome - Contest Entry

in dtube •  6 months ago  (edited)

Scott and I use the Steemit Worldmap in almost all of our video and photography posts. It enables us to keep track of where we have visited and help people find some places they may never physically visit. That is one of the best reasons to use Steemit Worldmap we have found, we get to travel from our livingroom and see so many amazing places.

We thought about what we could say to show you how awesome Steemit Worldmap was but decided that showing you why it was awesome would be best. Therefore, our video is a short demonstration on how to use this amazing website.

Thank you @martibis and @steemitworldmap for giving us the opportunity to tell others why we think you are so awesome.

Scott and Ren

sources for the photos and videos used in this video:

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I love this concept so much that i Made my OWN steemitwordmap with flags for all steemians that want one so , if you Reading this ( not you ren and scott ) if you want a flag let me know 🏳️‍🌈

Is that what you were doing?! I was wondering where you were doing all the flagging!

Yep alway finding a creative thing for my steemitlife