And the training for the movie V vs V begins...

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This week I stupidly signed up for a 6 week Intensity Blast (the name it's self makes it sound extreme 'BLAST')
and it was Horrible.

I haven't set any 'Let's get lean for summer' goal this year but as an Actor being in good shape will be a benefit for certain roles, So I have been training and building muscle he last few months but I felt now is the time to shred some body fat to expose and see what I have gained.

On Monday morning after a night shift in work I rushed and got changed in the car park (classy) then drove to the fitness centre, I ended up getting lost and having to phone the pt which was a brilliant first impression.
I got there and he was demonstrating what we all should be doing... I had no clue to just got on with it.

The warm up consisted of a circuit of 10 stations where we would do 10 seconds per station.
I thought fine I have come to shred lets go for it, I smashed the warm up!

Yes after the warm up I was boiling thinking that was the actual main event... Oh nope the real killer was next we had to do it all again but this time 30 second rounds... My legs were feeling it at this point.
we had to do squats, running with a band around our waist and tied on to a pole, kettle swings so my legs had a reason to be sore.

After this horrid round I felt like the grim reaper was lurking, trying to get my breath back he then said now lets go into the cage. ?>@&$ The cage ? Ye there was an MMA cage straight into there and do fast feet and fast punches into the pads then he would say a direction and we would shuffle across as fast as we could and continue punches.
Doing all this for 2 minutes after what we had already been through was hard, My punches looked weak I couldn't even knock a can over and well my 'fast feet' weren't fast they were like Bambi.

2 minutes were up happy days done great session you killed me... nope we then did the circuit again but 20 seconds per station. I had a stitch but I didn't want to be 'that one' so I powered through pushing and feeling sick at the same time, Trust me it isn't a great combination.

The sound of the beeper went off we were done, time to relax and do 10 mins of ab work!

At the end I really felt like throwing up but made sure I had a drink of water before taking a protein shake back home.

That was so hard but yet enjoyable at the same time, this will be happening Monday Wednesday and Fridays so I will keep you up to date on my progress.


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