Travel Pro Market Tour #11: Nuts, Olives, Imports, and Locals at Athens Central Market in Greece!

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Hey guys in this market tour we are checking the dried fruit, nuts, spices, olives.....and more section of the market. We have a friendly interaction with a local vendor and he explains where some of these products are imported from. I give you an overview of my food experience here and how it compares to other places in the world. So come along and lets have a look at the big Athens Central Market here in Athens Greece!

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Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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Nice to see another blog from you, Athens is one of the old civilization which learned from history classesso the city must have its own uniqueness and imprtance. It is a good feeling to go through that area virtually.

Cheers, Have a nice day

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Thanks brother. Glad to you stopping by and leaving another nice comment. Athens is old old old! Very interesting place!

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Thank you! Appreciated as always!

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Please drop your link here so that it can easily be found by others. Thank you so much! ❤
#MarketFriday loves you!

Athens really had some nice products and friendly vendors. They like when you banter with them. :)

Baklava was originated in Turkey but I have only ever known Greeks that ate it when I was growing up! Oh, yes!! And me! One of my most favorite things to eat!

I liked that the snails were so fresh!!! Yikes. How could anyone complain about that, right? I was laughing just a little at the first guy who only had figs from Greece and the rest was from other places, even Canada. I wonder if those products were cheaper there or Canada?

Hmmmm. I would be interested to know! :)

Thanks for taking us on another journey and we thoroughly enjoyed the cultural experience! As always, I wish you a wonderful week ahead!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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Yes, they love to banter with me all over the world. But having my camera on them often brings out a different vibe. I get into some really great conversations when I'm not recording, much more natural. I've gotten yelled at and much more for taking video over the past year, even had my camera ripped out of my hands and smashed into the ground here in Athens Greece. That was a frightening experience. However I'm doing what I can to capture footage and bring it you. Thanks for your support. Have a great day! -Dan

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