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{Top Cat And Dog Blogs}:-

{We have put together a list of some of the best dog and cat blogs. These blogs each have something different to offer, whether it’s medical advice, hilarious pictures or helpful tips. You may have some of your own blogs that you find useful, feel free to let us know which cat and dog blogs you follow. Here are some of the top cat and dog blogs for you to check out.}

{This blog does what it says on the tin, it talks about everything related to dogs and is one of the most popular pet blogs. There are so many handy tips to take on board and try with your dog. They also have an ‘ask the dog trainer’ and ‘ask the veterinarian’ section for owners who need help and have specific questions.}

{This blog has hundreds of tips for you and your dog such as how to make car journeys easier for your dog, rescue dog profiles, ways to spoil your dog and reviews of various canine products. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are a dog lover looking for helpful tips.}

{This is a special dog adoption website that lists hundreds of dogs that are currently available for adoption in the UK. It lists all the dogs by breed, age and gender which is really helpful. It’s a fantastic website that has helped many rescue dogs find their forever home.}

{Their mission statement is that they ‘want to be a foremost authority as a dog information site’ and this is something that they have certainly achieved. They appreciate that being a dog owner can sometimes be tough and get a little complicated, and a helping hand is sometimes needed. You can get very good advice from this informative website.}


{This blog is run by ‘Your Cat’ magazine and it covers heartwarming stories, advice for cat owners, how to make your own cat accessories and statistics about pet owners. There is also quite a lot of content about rescue cats and their stories.}

{The Conscious Cat is a very popular website with cat owner’s, it’s an award winning website that is written by cat expert and writer Ingrid King. The main aim of this website is to ‘educate cat guardians so that every cat, and every cat's human, can have a happy, healthy life together.’ This website covers cat nutrition, reviews of the latest cat products and general helpful advice for cat owners.}

{This is by no means an informative or useful blog, it’s simply a hilarious website for cat enthusiasts. Grumpy cat has become a superstar online and this blog reports on Grumpy Cats adventures, mainly by photo. If you want to see some funny photo’s of a cat with a constant comical expression then check out this site.}


{This blog is written by who is a feline veterinary expert wishing to share his medical knowledge about cats with the world. His website covers useful medical advice for cat owners. Dr. Arnold works at a cat hospital in New York City.}

{Ways of Cats is a brilliant blog for new cat owners or people who are considering getting a cat. It focuses on behaviour and explains what cats are really like. There are lots of posts that answer people’s questions about their cats intriguing behaviour and it makes quite an interesting read.}

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