How I made 100+ people LAUGH ?! | DTube Laughs | Vlog #6

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Hi @Dtube,
I am back with another video. In today's video, I went to my college and asked anyone and everyone I met to randomly to LAUGH!
The video has quite some amazing RESPONSES :D

Remember this, Anything and Everything that happens to you on this planet is just a TEST almighty is taking.
**Chill...Breathe...We all are going to DIE someday. **

So why not make the most of this LIFE which we got?

Say no to STRESS and SADNESS, just LAUGH it OUT!

Comment Down Below your views about LIFE!

Drop mic!

Picks up: Haha BYE!!!

- Pratik Shigli (VJ Joe)

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Good one bro..

Very positive. ☺

Thank you buddy <3

Hi.. I upvoted you do the same with me

laughing is very good for human health, so you are doing this other people, thanks

hi im upvoted you do you same