The Zombie Apocalypse Adventure - A once in a lifetime experience🧟‍♀️

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Hey Dtube!

I’ve been through so much this week and I’m finally back from the dead ;)

As promised for those on twitter I said I would put up my zombie apocalypse adventure hehehee! Especially to @iamjadeline

I went and took the plunge down the depths of the darkness and filmed this all for @dtube!

Hope you enjoyed exploring my neighbourhood with me on this dark occasion!

Thanks for watching!

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#STEEMNURSE love ya Vincy xoxoxo

Thanks so much ❤️🥰😘🙏🏻

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Great post and great topic to talk about @vincy. I feel the same way.

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Which part do you feel the same?
Thanks for watching!

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Firstly, your selection of songs always accurately show the theme of the video. Make me like a little suspense and excited at the same time.

It is really pitch dark. Like if without the torch light, could not see anything at all. still could smile at us while walking up the pitch dark stairs to level 7?not scared? People who watched too much zombie show plus bad imagination would freak out. Really.

But I super love the part of story telling with candles. And what a nice way to end with superb bite.

Oh my, thank you so much for video-ing. So much effort into this one to show us the zombie apocalypse!


Awww you’re super sweet thank you for writing such a nice detailed comment!!! I think if I didn’t have dtube and my camera I would be more scared but because I’m focused on walking and talking to the camera it’s ok! Yeh I wanted the songs to match the mood! Glad you noticed!
The story telling is to make it warm and happy again hehe
Hehe the bite is like zombie too 😜
I wish I was more brave to film those people sitting on the floor with their devices plugged into the powerpoints but I felt like invading their privacy haha..

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