How to shoot for Dtube -> Studio-Setup kind of videos at home

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For some people shooting a video is a big task to start. While for others, where to shoot video is a challenge. Today I want to share with you -

How can you shoot a studio setup kind of scripted video at home?

Use proper lighting - use sunlight if you don't have a studio, sunlight is free and enough to shine you up

Proper lighting is an important factor in a video, We do not have intense lighting in home that can shine our face up while shooting a video. For this purpose, I would suggest open the doors and windows, switch off the artificial lights and let the sunlight do its work. Make sure the angles are such that sunlight directly comes over your face and then reflect back in the camera.

Use plain wall for a professional background

Though its the era of varied videos, but when it comes to professional videos - Plain backgrounds are still in trend. No need to rush for a white cloth to hang on the wall, just find a 5 square meter spot on wall that is plain and clean. Sit there and shoot. If no wall is available around do it with the wooden door.

Write your video script on your laptop, make the camera stand with laptop and speak up the sciprt loud &clear looking at the laptop screen

If you would have noticed people in studio speak the script because a screen is placed in front of them with the camera and it looks like they have memorized everything so well and it goes flawless. What if you want to shoot a well scripted video?Write your script on your laptop screen, put the phone camera right there on the laptop shield. Now read out your script freely looking at the laptop. It would look as if you are seeing in the camera and speaking confidently. Done deal right there.

How do you put pictures & texts in your videos, clip two videos together?

Now its obvious that there be imperfections in videos that you shoot. Sometimes you might end up messing a part of video and have to re-shoot it. Then comes the need of joining multiple clips together. Also you would like texts and pictures to pop up in your video while you are explaining something. For this, you do not need to spend money. If you search for a app to edit your videos - most of the good apps are paid. But I am not interesting in putting my money there because I found a free app that works well.


Inshot is a app that is offering all the required features in their free version and is available both for android and ios.

I struggled hard time in researching on how to shoot videos and all the basic stuff around it. So i wanted to layout everything that can help you to start shooting those videos. Watch my video for much more.

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