Vlog: First Time Driving, but on the Highway

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@awesomianist and I tried Socar, a car-sharing app, for the first time. It was really a nice experience, especially that we got to drive a car that we know we would not own.

It was also @awesomianist's first time driving on the highway and he was challenged to not make any wrong turns along the journey. I was expecting him to make some mistakes and finally have my chance to tease him about it, so I recorded the journey and was kinda disappointed that he did pretty well.

While I was recording, my camera went dead so I only recorded halfway through but in case you were wondering, yes, we made it to the destination safely and no, he didn't make any wrong turns until the end :D

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Owh my goodness, what is he doing! hahahah

:D he's driving is a bit too rough

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Electronic Parking Brake ftw 🤣🤣, I tot you guys got Altis?

Someone got a free upgrade.. yey

Oh nice 😂