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This an Interesting post to me as I am releasing at the moment THE JUJU GUM CONSPIRACY a film I did as the first exclusive world premiere on steemit. I invite you to join the party come check it out and maybe that could let us to develop the steemit filmmakers community together. I present the film on my page and my partner and co-creator @juliakponsford present all the behind the scene, process and the extra JUJU.


Yes I heard about it from my friend AusBitBank! Awesome! Let's do it!

WORD! I do a lot of music as well, let me know if you need any!

Great! Where can I listen to your work? Do you post on DSound?

and BOOM! 18 original tracks playlist The download link is expired but just click the image of the Vache Morte pirate ship and you'll be ready to sail.

also for my FILM MUSIC the easiest way for you to hear my flavor would be to actually listen my film because I did all the music and soundscape for it :)
You are in luck it's on right now.

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