Baby Cows Shot In the Head: Is Your Cow Milk Worth This?

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Many people don't realise that the dairy industry is responsible for huge numbers of deaths of young cows who are 'surplus to requirement' for the dairy farms. Cows don't produce milk magically, they are artificially impregnated constantly to keep them producing milk. Generally, when the calves are born, they are killed as they aren't useful in many cases to the farm. What kind of hell is this for a living MOTHER?

I am reminded of concentration camps and images from Medieval drawings of hell designed to frighten people into conformity. Except this is happening now, every day - so that people can drink cow milk! We don't even NEED cow milk.. Do you honestly think that humans evolved to need milk from another species? REALLY?

Nut milks are FINE - they taste great and you can make them yourself.

If everyone were to see this, the world balance would tip - but you won't see it in the mainstream due to corruption and corporate sponsorship by the wrong people.

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Dairy is one of the most evil industries on this planet. Thank you so much for sharing this. The baby cows are used for veal and before the 1970's their stomach's were used to harvest rennet which is used to coagulate milk into cheese. Now they use GMO bacteria to produce the enzyme chymosin (the main coagulator in rennet) to produce most cheeses. I think it slips people's mind or they have been trained to never consider that cows are raped and kept pregnant in order to keep producing milk. Like you said, they don't just magically produce milk.

How we treat our animal brethren is how on a cosmic level we are going to be treated. If we do not want to be farmed, raped, used, slaughtered, etc. We need to stop doing this to other sentient beings.

You made my night bringing this up. Thank you!


Oh, you are welcome - I wish I were sharing something more uplifting, but I learned from an early age to focus on the biggest problems first, to solve them.. What is left after all of that is just greatness and 'positive' things. I'm glad that more and more people are realising about dairy farming - I had no idea, growing up, whatsoever.

It would be equally helpful if everyone would share this documentary about an animal communicator who proves that we can telepath with animals in 2 directions. I knew it was true from watching the video, but I since have done it twice with animals out in nature that I had never met - I absolutely received information that was not in me until I connected with them (the info was simple and about the local environment / layout and situation they were facing):


Wow that was an amazing and fascinating film I watched the whole thing :)

I have never heard of Anna before. It was really cool to see her communicating and laying with those baboons checking her out and accepting her presence. When the alpha male showed up I was like Ohhhh no. It was also interesting to learn how she got started through tracking. The white bird that got separated from its owner because the owner had to leave the country made me really sad. I really feel like the bird died of a broken heart :(

Probably the most amazing was her communicating with diablo / spirit and how the care taker was able to take her workshops and learn how to communicate as him as well. We all seem to have this, it is just underdeveloped because of our disconnection with nature. Thank you for sharing this amazing film!

That is very interesting about your experiences with animal communication. I will be trying this out too and see what happens :)


Yes, she should be front page news - but no.
In my experience, I simply allow myself to know that 'all is one' and therefore, the animals are inwardly united with me too. Then I open myself at the heart and feeling level to communication. In my case, the communication was translated in my brain as english in my own voice, mixed in with a general vibration - which is what the communication actually is. I found that for some reason it worked better for me when I was outside, I'm not sure why exactly.

It is disgusting to act this way!

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People need to know, and they will have to deal with their conscience. GO VEGAN

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