the game : washed-up beach, pickups

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i feel i already gave too much explanation and i don't want to hype what's not ready. No oscars for half a movie, i'll leave that to generation ICO and the neo-blockchain marketeer billionnaires , its a hobby project, it will be there when it's there, and that's when it's there , proof-of-work (lol) : pickups

you tube description :
random pickups i call 'rubble' in a random system that's random but also will keep them in place if you dont pick up until or unless -classified- , inventory space will be very limited at the start (ofccourse) you just wash up on the beach in a burial gown when you get 'out of limbo' with an amount of playcoin (from the @golmanmorgan local wallet) you pick as you get out of limbo in a mini-dialog with Goldman Morgan (ofcourse there's a banker in hell) you'll see for yourself if you ever play it when its there and it will be there when its there i'm afraid

the lates is still combat as i try to put in some things in advance that wont be in effect like 'special' damage (types of d.o.t. a.o.) , the option to have henchmen/hirelings and ofcourse mutliple mobs, the rest should be easy enough to scale i think wethers its a 14 hex map or 32 that shouldnt make difference to the program , even at zero-design (is what i came to call my hobby style ...)

the wallet for the whole game which holds localized wallets (and much more) : @goldmanmorgan
the external front-end for the wallet at

the game-site with a little 'limbo' demo active for the checking if anyone ever would :

thousands and thousands of lines of php and javascript , i havent counted the assets and how much megabytes that is but its barely a fraction of what will be needed,

no salespitch, no media hype, its not a product , it's my 'work' ...

e.t.a. : nAn

can read on morgan can read on here and i'll probably mod the sites as it goes along too ... all votes appreciated but without any im gonna do it anyway heh :p

gud, cos i spent waaay too much time on steemit today, i barely have any posts but all i do is talk, talk , talk talk talk its exhausting lol

until next week with more 'proof of work' its alive, that's for sure

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