On The Differences Between Time-Wealth and Materialistic-Wealth | Triptocast Podcast #7

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Hey Dtubers!! I'm back at it with my 7th podcast. It's been rough getting started with this new medium of talking rather than writing, but I can definitely tell that I've improved in leaps and bounds since my first podcast. If you don't believe me, go back and listen to #1 before listening to this one and you'll know what I'm talking about.

I hope you all can tell and appreciate the difference as well. I hope you all find value in these podcasts.

I know I find immense value in making them. I've already learned a lot about myself and I've re-discovered a seemingly lost part of myself - my voice.

It's incredible how you can improve your speaking abilities by speaking into a microphone on your smartphone and then playing it back for yourself and picking up on the mistakes you make, your tone of voice, pace of speaking, etc etc.

Do you think I've improved a lot since the beginning? What else do you think I can do to make these podcasts more valuable for you?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments, I really appreciate the feedback! Thank you for listening!

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Thank you! Any suggestions on how I can improve the podcast so that it's more valuable to you?

Hello, you are on the right track, I like your work


Thank you!! I'm trying my best to improve my skills each day! Hopefully the quality is getting better on your end as well! Any other suggestions for how I can improve?

I wish I could private message people on steemit. Haha I would love to actually talk to you not in the comments section haha

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