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Keep continuously bro. Your area very clean very recently with your friends help. Great work again.


Hm. You are right bro. Currently, I have 6 people working. We are trying to make people aware of our work as well. As if they did not put dirt here and used dustbin.

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Congratulations !
Continue like this !
You know that it is better to keep your voting power beetwin 90 and 100%... your uovote will be better ... and your curation too 😀
See you soon using cleanplanet tag


I'm always on the side of your project. And I'll continue my work. Because it's my duty. Keep your area clean.

And I want to make 100 sp delegate at @cleanplanet

What is curation? Curation is not exactly what I know. Please tell me @cleanplanet

Keep it clean ! Blessings bro !

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Thank you bro

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