[Day 1] "Doing PLANK" 30 sec PLANK challenge for 30 days

in dtube •  14 days ago

Hi steemians

2019 Happy New Year
Today, January 3, 2019

Hope all are well and enjoying your time with the great platform of Dtube

Today I will share My first plank video in dtube.

I'm planking for 18 days. But today I'm sharing the plank video at dtube
I see people give plank video at dtube. Seeing the videos, I also want to plank. And the video will be on dtube.
I was thinking plank a lot straight. But when I'm done, I understand how difficult it is.
I used to have difficulty planking at first. On the first day I was plank 30 sec. Now I can plank 50-55 seconds.
Today I shared my first day's plank video.

The video is not as good. But this was the first day's video so I uploaded the video earlier. Good quality plank video upload from tomorrow.

Thanks all for watching this video.

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Hi thanks for joining plank Challenge
U can use #plank-contest as one of ur tag :)

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thats great man👍 you will improve a few day later.💪

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Thank you bro

this plank will make us healthy.

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Yeah, you are right @tanlikming