Crypto Trading with TobeTada! | 6-03-2019 | Bitcoin Pattern confirmed!

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Good day Steemians!


Join us in analyzing the crypto markets on Dtube!


  • In these videos we will learn about the patterns that dominate the market and try to predict future trends.
  • Learn about controlled investment: stabilize your profits in a volatile market!
    • e.g., setting up rungs and stop-limit orders
    • understanding compound interest
  • Learn about keeping your head cool!
    • Facing losses? Learn when it's best to hang in there and understand when it's a good time to get out of a position quickly...
  • And finally keep in mind that I don't know everything... so tell me what you know! 👍

As a general reminder: Please keep in mind that none of this is official investment advice! Crypto trading entails a great deal of risk; never spend money that you can't afford to lose!


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