This drone is so freaking cool!

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Hey my friend!

Today I had the chance to get out and fly my new Mavic 2 Pro in good weather conditions. That's why I want to share my footage with you. I had some test flights since I got it and today I felt ready to shoot my first video for dtube.

This is a biiiiiig milestone on my dtube journey and I am really proud to have this little monster with me :)

upcoming upgrades

I am currently working on some shortfilm scripts and will use for them every resource I have. Currently I am waiting for the moment animorphic lense for my s9+ with a fitting nd-filter mount. So "cinematic": I am coming.

Of course the story and message is the key instead of the equipment. But a good equipment supports the story - why I decided to upgrade on multiple levels.

That is the reason why I am planing to purchase a video cutting notebook and switch from Kinemaster to Premiere.

I will make a video about that all for sure!

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The location was suggested by other drone pilots from Hamburg but I would not go there anymore because of all the birds, people, dogs and children. I tend to avoid hurting any lifeform... ;)

can you help me?

If you have good location in and around Hamburg, please let me know!

Please let me also know what you think and prepare yourself for many many more (and better) videos in the future! I am still learning and practicing haha

Thanks for watching!


Thanks for your time

... to watch this video and for sharing your thoughts and feedback in the comments. I appreciate every single interaction with me over the

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  • resteeming,
  • upvoting and
  • mentioning people in the comments who could be interested in my post.


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great editing. what anamorphic lens are you getting?
i really need a drone 😁

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Hey thanks mate :)
I am waiting for the animorphic lens of "moment" for my Samsung s9+. I think my mobile phone is enough for making good shots but I want to upgrade it with that lense to something cinematic :) More about that coming soon!

Thanks for passing by and your time to comment mate! That means a lot to me.


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you got me looking for anamorphic lenses again :D they are just to expensive.
i always went for weird phone choices so most of the time i had crappy camera on them, so never really used them for filming or photography. this moment lens looks interesting.
just found (i think he is russian) guy that is making anamorphic lenses for cameras from old projector lenses.


Oh haha craaazy self-made sounds cool :D
Yeah I have chosen my mobile just because the camera haha. And this moment stuff is a worth upgrade after my gimbal :) but I need to figure out how to connect the mic to the gimbal.. but this will come soon as well :)

Shooting with "real" cameras is way better I think but I can't or better I don't want to afford the price for one.. haha


hey! Grate drone shots :D I see you have some skills hehe :D

Dude,dude so good.Source quality won't load for me but these shots and resolution are awesome even at 480.
I also love the fact that you respect others and you try finding a spot that won't annoy anyone to fly your drone.
GOOD BUY my friend.

$rewarding 100% 15min

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Bazinga! ND Filters make all the difference ;)


First: Thanks a lot for your "bazinga" ! :P

Yeah I think so too.. ND filters are super important and I am going to use them with my phone as well when I received the moment lense and the right adapter :P

Upgrading, learning, upgrading, creating, learning .... (no end^^)

congratulations on the new drone my friend. I guess it's really fun to fly :)

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Yeaaah it totally is :D and it is much satisfying with the results it delivers :) looking forward to fly around Barcelona this year whoopwhooop!

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Yeaaah... first of all congratulations buddy to your new family member. Great choice and I am looking forward to a flight session with you. Regarding the connection problems you mentioned, I had similar situations at the beginning. Was using as well a OTG cable connecting the phone to the controller. How ever, I stoped using it and used it like DJI recommend it with the WiFi connection. Since then, no issues anymore. Ohhh yeah, looking forward to your videos with ND filters, that brings so much better footage from bright, sunny days. 😎 have a great day, greetings from Barcelona #zap

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Wow! Nice view from the drone. I would like to have a drone one day. The resolution is very clear. Thanks for sharing @tibfox.

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Interesting, Shame the location didn't really suit. My son got his first drone this christmas but it is nothing as complicated as the one you have there although it can do flips which he is super excited about.

Sehr cooles Material. Ich glaube am meisten hätte ich schiss vor einem Connection Problem über einem See😁 oder einem leeren Akku. Bin auf die ersten Schneebilder gespannt 😉

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Hi @matschi ist alles kein Problem mit ner DJI. Hatte anfangs auch Bammel, aber kann dir nach 2 Jahren Erfahrung sagen, kommt so gut wie nie vor. Habe meine sogar schon vom Boot aus auf offener See gestartet. Sobald connection fehlt, kommt sie allein zurück, und die Software ist so gemacht, dass immer genug Saft für den Rückflug zum home point berechnet wird. Sprich, wenn man die mehreren Warnungen ignoriert, kommt das süße Ding auch automatisch zurück und landet wo es abgehoben ist. Mit guter Satellitenabdeckung auf 20cm genau🤓
Grüße aus Barcelona

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Ah okay, gut zu wissen😉 nicht, dass die dann baden geht😁

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Nice cinematics in the half of video :)

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Freaking sweet!

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Fly away😀 nice video! Have a nice day!

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Thats really cool dude so finally you got your adult boy toy. Hahahaha. That video is awesime from dron part keep it up.

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Nice views from the drone, one day I'll get myself one of those :)

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