Actifit Adventures: My Fantastic Friday Walk & #TrashGirlGo

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Hello BeautyFull Beings! Happy Saturday!!

My computer didn't want to cooperate with me last night (it happens lol) so I'm sharing my Actifit Adventure from yesterday a bit late...but better late than never right hehe

It was an amazing walk. Bright Sunshine, Fresh Mountain Air, High Vibes...and I even got to do a bit of my own #trashgirlgo which you get to see in my vlog. There's even a little visit from my sweet dog, too!

I really hope you injoy this one...I had a lot of fun creating it <333 I just wish I was able to get it shared last night. Ah well, everything happens for a reason right ;)

Are you ready? Here We Go....!

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  1. Another Time by LiQWYD

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Thank you for passing through...

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Howdy there reikigirl! who's dang dog is that? Hey the video stopped and started, couldn't get it to work this time so I didn't get to see but the first 30 seconds, what did I miss? And what's that about mountain air, you guys are in the mountains? I never seen no mountains in your videos are you kiddin me?


Heyyy Cowboy! That's my Karmalita! You didn't miss much 😂😂😂 just me wandering around and picking up a couple plastic bottles and some Styrofoam 😉 Yup there's mountains here Cowboy💃 perhaps I will show some mountainy goodness in upcoming vlogs 😎 not likely until Spring but I will 😀👍So how've you been BeautyFull? Thank you for stopping in 🙏

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Oh that's Karmalita! At that angle I didn't recognize her. Ok well I didn't know ya'll were up in the mountains. No wonder all it does is snow! Is that coming to an end?
How deep is the snow in the forest?

You seem very happy



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Love the puppy photo bomb! Perhaps if I sit in front of my screen and pause your video of the sunshine I'll get a little vitamin D. Haha, it's been so darn dreary here this week my body is just craving a few moments of sun! I still got my steps at a 5k race this morning, so at least I'll still get my #actifit post for the day up soon. And gooooo @steemitbloggers!


She's wicked cute isn't she? That's my Karma girl 😄 Haha! That's a Great idea 💖💖💖 I may need to do that as well...we've plunged back into the depths of bitter cold with wind that cuts right through you. I didn't venture out yesterday but I braved the cold today lol just for a short while..and super bundled up 😉 way to go doing a 5k race that's fricken AWESOME! I admire that you like to run/jog...I don't have that in me lol I would be all done haha unless I could skate 😂

Gooo @steemitbloggers ✨🙌✨

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