Steemit Meet-Up for Eidul Fitr 2019

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Morning Friends!

A little snippet to our Steemit Meet-Up while gathering at the same time for Eidul Fitr for Indonesians in Canada 😊

Was a great gathering and friends came from as far as 3 H driveaway from where we reside.

This year's celebration was a bit messy as we thought Eid was going to be on the 5th, but apparently it was for the 4th hahaha

My family and I arrived very late due to the differ information for the dates (as you may know, Eid does not have fixed date as Christmas has, but according to the moon rotation), so we did not have plenty of pics. These following pics were shared by @nitalawelang and @gotlius

This was the first year I did not prepare any baked goods as I did not expect the celebration to be a day early that it was expected. I was sad but ah well. At least I got to meet up with some friends :)

Eid Mubarak to Steemians who celebrated the Eid and are still celebrating Eid :)

And oh, a shout out to you @plantstoplanks 😉 - on the vid hahahha

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@thekitchenfairy, This environment is sound and exciting and hope that you'll collaborated and enjoyed this Meetup Session.

And whenever people come from long distance to attend the party then it adds so much value.

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hey! thanks for visiting :) hows going?

Welcome and i am doing great. Thank you so much for asking. Have a great time ahead.

It looks like you had fun. The food looks delicious.


Indonesian foods are always delicious, Gaz, esp. if you like spices ;-)

is there any Indonesian restaurants there?

when we lived in Hungary, there was only one, in Budapest, and it was reaaaaaaalllly expensive lol

You lived in Budapest? Cool. What a great place. Did you ever visit Bucharest? I guess that's how you know a little Romanian? Sama Sama! That's something I remember from my trip to Bali.

The is an Indonesian restaurant in Bucharest. I've not tried it, yet! I loved the food in Bali. Jayne had to go to Jakarta a couple of years ago, too.

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