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RE: Vlog 182: Join the The Steemit Thunderclap on Twitter - 1 day left + The grind with @kesolink.

in #dtube3 years ago

The more people get the word of Steem/Steemit out to others, the better! I have mates I told about it a while ago but they didn't bother, then I showed the rise of Steem price increasing the value, that I was getting a nice chunk paying out over this week, and we had three new sign-ups. :)

So I think this is a great idea, going to sign-up now mate!


Good job on getting your friends on board!

ujito ejito.... fine!

As long as users keep spreading the word we can grow exponentially. Getting new users and investors is huge. I think the new platforms people are making that implement the blockchain are also going to be an enormous benefit. We're competing with single sites like twitter and reddit, but Steem can have a huge number of very different platforms all built on the blockchain! Really excited about the next few months.

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