Jazzpunk - A comedic game

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About Jazzpunk

Made in cartoon style with comedic influences throughout the game, Jazzpunk is set in an alternate, Cold War reality. It has an open world play style with the focus on providing puzzles or quests to set the player searching about the level for clues, packages and all sorts of tasks to infiltrate the Soviet force.

Adding some video flair

Yes that's right, I added some new flair to my video. Some new effects and more style to go with what is happening at that point in the game, my own sort of comedy and flavour. This is something I have wanted to work on some more, but now I am bringing more content to the table, I had to start with this one, plus the many more videos of a variety of games I am yet to play/play again and record.

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Cute game and love the art style! I'm also playing an alternative reality cold war setting (Phantom Doctrine)... Although, it's not quite this alternative....


If it good? I am 50/50 on this game. I got bored, but I was tired and had a headache.


It gets repetitive... Definitely play with ironman on... Being able to reload removes the suspense of the infiltration and the possibility of discovery. I preferred Hard West, but the setting is good... But it's not XCom!


Repetitive is annoying, unless it's something you enjoy and could play over and over. I haven't played XCom, but it always looked good.


XCom2 with the new dlc. It's pretty amazing... I would almost say the perfect game (for me...)!

Hahahahah, so cute ! :D What an interesting game ! I think they make that simplistic style really works for them, specially combined with those uh... voice-modulatored type of character lines.... :D And your own additional edits and effects are great and funny ! :D I really enjoyed this video review :)


They definitely have done a lot of things right in the game! I am glad you liked the edits/effects I put into the video, I want to keep doing that sort of thing so videos are more unique. :)

Now that's funny. This game is on the Steem blockchain?


Nope, just on Steam and I never started it until now. I do like seeing more blockchain games coming out though.

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stopping by to see what you are up to.
I am so busy and have never really gotten into games. Probably the only one in Steemit that hasn't ... this looks cool.

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Will check it out later today!

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Great game and cool visual design.

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