Cooking with the Farmer!!!

in dtube •  6 months ago

Hey Y'all!

We made the farmer's fav meal tonight. He's easy to please. Give him meat and rice and he's happy. We diced up some ribeyes and added to 2 cups of white rice and some of our corn we put up this summer. It was delish! We are preparing for the Feast of Trumpets!! It has rained ALL DAY! So we don't know if we will see a moon tonight or not! What do you all do for the feast if you observe it? Thanks for watching!

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Hello, I do not know if you mean the party that is celebrated on the first day (that is, the new moon) of month seven and that with it began the secular year for the Jews and, therefore it is the most important holiday of the year , during this celebration, no work should be done.


Yes I do! It’s actually one of God’s feasts that he commanded the Israelites to keep. We are keeping it as a Sabbath and blowing the shofar! Yom Teruah...known to the Jews as rosh hashana

really? ya'll are going to torture us by fixing a delicious meal that we can't have? oh you put Elderberry juice in that somewhere? I didn't know you could get healthy soy sauce, that's great.

hey those honey toast things that Farmer made were amazing! lol.
unfortunately I am recharging my sp today but I wanted to show my support, God bless you!


We learn something new every day! Liquid aminos! Doesn’t sound like soy right?!

Honey toast 🤦🏻‍♀️


howdy there thefarmerswife! no it doesn't sound like soy but I'm goann remember the brand, it's Bragg isn't it? they make some great apple cider vinegar.
yes the classic honey toast yay! lol.

"With trumpets and the sound of the shofar, make a joyful noise before Yahweh our King!" Psalm 98:6

What does the stir fried rice taste like? I bet it tastes like a good woohoo!


Delicious!!! Lol A good woohoo indeed Haha!

Happy couple.
Have a great week.

Looks really good...I watch Farmer each day, glad to find your channel as well. Thanks for sharing!

Sharing with you this delicious food through steemit, has been a real honor, and I am sure that the food was really exquisite, and I have even wanted to be with you.

Coocking is really fun