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how to re-create items for lost wax casting

thanks for being a part of my life by leaving a rad comment, check out my youtube channel, youtube.com/thedesertartist. I have been doing this youtube stuff for over a decade, I am new to steemit and am looking forward to seeing what happens with it
always remember,.. you are loved,.. and if you aren't,.. its probably because you haven't made the effort to be loved by someone,.. don't be overrun by your emotions,.. using your wise mind to understand whats going on around you is imperative to a healthy soul, mind, remember, we all have problems,.. its just that the people who don't appear to have any are better at hiding their disappointment in life than you are,.. the world is filled with torment and turbulence,.. stay afloat, understand that God is the power of the conscious mind

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