I am downvoting posts on memestagram to show another problem with their system. Memestagram does not care about memes, their community (which isnt even a community), and takes 7.77% of your author rewards anyways. It is nothing personal against you. If you would like an upvote from us, start using the memehub platform, promote memehub, become a part of our community. I will be downvoting more memestagram posts into the foreseeable future.

I have nothing to do with memestagram. I used that tag because it has to do with memes. I dont know the community and i dont care about the problems between the different Communitys. I lost money for doing nothing wrong.

If you would like an upvote from us,

No Thanks, because when you give me an upvote, then maybe memestagram will give me a downvote. You can fight your fight without me. That was the last Time i have to do with memes.
Steemit is dying and with this actions against normal steemit users, maybe much faster than anticipated.

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Memestagram is completely inactive; they wont even address us calling them out other than by censorship. And they dont have but maybe 10% the SP we do. Obv you havent read the memehub blog or watched the first video in the series. If you feel that butt hurt over someone downvoting your meme then I think that speaks for itself. It also exhibits another problem for memes being directly on steem.

No i didnt read memehub blog or watched the video.

If you feel that butt hurt over someone downvoting your..

No, no butt hurt about a downvote, i'm still donating some steem to other users so its not the money, it's just a downvote for nothing, without a Warning. Maybe it will be better to warn People before give them some downvote. Downvoting because you dont like the other meme community will result in losing People. But, thank you for that, another reason to think about leaving Steemit.

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There was clear warning as I waged a memewar against memestagram two weeks ago and this has been an ongoing thing. Maybe you should do some more investigating before making false assertions like that there was no warning given and it was a downvote for no reason. You just said you hadnt read the blog or watched the video.

What are you trying to accomplish by claiming my downvote gives you another reason to leave steem?

Like you could have thrown a meme at us about this downvote, making fun of Memehub and I would have upvoted it, if it was dank. You are missing the bigger picture.

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