Ominous Warnings Emerge Of Coming AI Apocalypse And Global Instability Ahead

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In this new story over at Gizmodo titled "Hackers Have Already Started To Weaponize Artiticial Intelligence", we get a small peak into what's already happening in the world today that shows 'the future' that is now closing in upon us looks a lot like what Russian president Vladimir Putin and billionaire Telsa founder Elon Musk have recently warned us about.

As we recently read over at SkywatchTV, last Monday Musk warned the world in an ominous tweet that countries competing for advances in artificial intelligence would “most likely” spark World War III. Imagine that - 'Armageddon' kicked off by a 'robot'. Musk, also the head of SpaceX, OpenAI & Neuralink, has been sounding the alarm on AI for some time now and recently got into a very public spat with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who claimed those pushing 'doomsday scenarios' involving AI were being 'irresponsible'. Musk shot back: "Mark Zuckerberg has a 'limited' understanding of the dangers of AI." READ MORE AT ALLNEWSPIPELINE.COM

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