Celebrating my 3rd Year on Steemit - Thank you DTube!

in dtube •  last month  (edited)

Just WOW!

I am so glad to celebrate my 3rd anniversary on the Steemit platform. It is great to release this video to DTube now and celebrate it. Thank you @heimindanger for you and your team putting this together. We greatly appreciate it.

If you've used Steemit (which is most everyone here) you'll appreciate this brief video and what I say. Please let me know your comments and thoughts about what I said.

Thank you, all, for being part of my Steemit community!

Special thanx to @timcliff for his assistance in so many ways!
Special thank you also to: @kennyskitchen @exyle @roelandp @ned @ onceuponatime @allasyummyfood @jeffberwick @sterlinluhan @lukestokes @skanapeaus @papapepper @penguinpablo
@penguinpablo @tombstone @steempress-io

and many, many others. Love you, my Steemit community!


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Well, congrads! mine was last month the class of 2016 we are!

Yes indeed. I'm raising a toast to you my fellow class of 2016 @steemitqa