Mystic Fantasy Forest Acrylic Speed Painting

in dtube •  last month  (edited)

Terra Somnia Art - Galaxy and Fantasy Paintings in Acryl


Music: "Everything" by Fremont, "Brightly" by The Boy and Sister Alma

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#art #creativecoin #video #painting #steemartists

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I love the mystic feel here, and really nice seeing your process in video form. I would highly recommend adding some more relevant tags to your post, at the very least #art - tags are basically the only way your work can be seen on steem blockchain by someone who isn't already following you. I would also recommend using #creativecoin tag on your art / creative posts to earn a second crypto on top of Steem (that is all you have to do is use the tag - let me know if you want to know more about Creative Coin Crypto / CCC and how you could trade it for Steem after earning it). Cheers

Hi, I actually used the tag #creativecoin when I uploaded this video in dtube and you can give only ONE Tag in dtube. I don't know why steemit changes automatically the tag to #dtube? I added several tags manually now. I also experienced that steemit changes the screenshot from the original video, so I have to upload a screenshot of my own everytime I upload a video. All these technical issues are pretty annoying! :-(

oh that is annoying :( I guess if uploading dtube vids just editing the post afterward is the answer, but that is extra steps when you should just be able to add your tags in the first place!


Very pretty, :D The moods are so magical, I love how you use the colours green and pink to evoke that fantasy feel :)

Yes, pink and green is a nice color combination. Also pink and blue. But I decided to go with green at that time. :-)

Oh good adding the tag after the post is published does still let the post show up on front end. Last night I checked after you had added the tag and the post wasn't showing up still, but I guess there is just a lag. Happy to see it, over here my vote is actually worth something! LOL

Interesting insights. Thank you!