steam promotion! — 684 students in 4 days, great story of paid to free and the udemy bot army!

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Oh man, I had to share this with you, I thought it was an interesting turn of events that my paid course that I switched to free as a test ended up with six hundred and eighty four students in less than four days — the first day was crazy with about 500 new ‘students’

Of course, I’m not stupid, I realise that it’s mainly downloaders grabbing the course and either putting it on their own websites or just grabbing it ‘torrent/napster’ like fashion, but that’s cool — we WANT to spread the word of steem right?

I’m glad that these four hours of content all about the steem blockchain is ‘out there’ — i’m not even fussed that I don’t get any financial reward from making it free because it’s help me bump my stats for the algorithm in between all my other paid courses as well and has renewed my interest in making courses again!

Funny how things work out! :)

I’d love it if we had a way of finding out how many people actually went and signed up because of this course — maybe I should start doing language translations for renewed courses when I start to talk about the current state of dapps, frontends and steem engine tokens? :)

Peace and love!

pinterest epic wins pinboard → brand advocate for nokia, 1000heads, verisign → won vloggie for node666 (san fran 2006) → television for time team history hunters 1999 → sold to evan williams in april 2011 → went to phil campbell, alabama to help raise money after tornado (was on sky news, bbc news)→ CNN for sxsw 2013 about austin sxsw → video chat with robert scoblemusic video can you spot me?

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oh yeah and the course on udemy is here ;)

peace and love! :)