finally ‘status page spending time with me’ high five and massive props to

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Finally, a status page, something we can point people towards… ;)

Just a quick video this morning before I get into video stuff for the client this morning, just wanted to give some props to the hard work and focus and clarity of the @steempeak team this morning for continuing to make the best frontend to the steem blockchain and for communicating better than the head of comms for steemit themselves.

It’s great to see someone not burying their head in the sand and playing ‘everything is fine’ meme gif animation when things don’t go like the narrative you put out like there is no issue and your pretend to be more organised than you actually are — is it not time for a shift around as the head of communications at steemit or at least the steem twitter account?

Massive props for picking up the baton @steempeak, i will switch full time to your frontend now and I’m looking forward to using your site as a source of my links when I restart the daily steem newsletter at the end of this month!

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