DTube Did Not Pull A Dlive: There Was No Abandoning Of The Steem Ecosystem

in dtube •  2 months ago 

There is a misconception that D.Tube abandoned the Steem ecosystem. This is not true. DTube made a choice to add some features to its application that are not possible on Steem.

We also see @heimindanger creating a couple of tokens on Steem-Engine. In addition to the CAPTCHA token last week, we now see him develop the TASK token.

To clear up confusion: I have nothing to do with the TASK token.

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Excellent post @taskmaster4450, I have said this many times, look at what has been developing on the blockchain!

I own other crypto’s but on the whole what are they actually doing ????

BTC might be the mother of all crypto’s and it will be used as a store of value and for transactions, but it will never function as SMT’s
We need to shake this undo reputation we have a blockchain that is exploding with new growth and opportunities!😊

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yep we do not plan to leave... STEEM is where DTube was created originally, and we just want to have our own dedicated stuff. Steem is a generalist blockchain and our UI is already compatible with it, so there would be no purpose not to keep it that way...

Btw sorry about the TASK token, feel free to join in and start doing some tasks... with your name, you belong on top of the hierarchy :D

Good to know ! What is the TASK token about ? Captcha style token rewarding you for tasks you do online?
Thank you 🙏 for everything both of you do for STEEM 😉.
Best, @vlemon

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Yes... You can check the site at https://task.steemwhales.com I soft launched it yesterday ;)

Great job @heimindanger you really doing hardwork to make things get more improved. Thanks.

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unable to connect..? :)

It is up... problem on your side I think

yup, was on my side :)

Hey can I ask, I just tried doing a few CAPTCHAs and want to be sure before I do tons - I presume there is a wait time for them to show up in my S-E wallet? Or how does that work? Thanks for any help. :)
Ope, nevermind - there they are. It just took a minute. :D

Yeah payments used to take <15 seconds but now they can take 2-3 minutes because my @curator bot account was running out of RCs because CAPTCHA is just 24/7 active. Just wait 2-3 minutes and you'll see it coming in your account.

Appreciate it!

kinda interested in these little micro tasks, do you have a stack of other ideas for micro tasking processes?

TASK is the generalistic concept. You can literally put any task up, could be CAPTCHAs, Surveys, installing mobile apps, or whatever.

If you have an idea of a task don't hesitate to put it, as long as it's publicly verifiable with an internet connection, it can be listed on TASK and it will get done ;)

freaking awesome! i love this!

TASK token? i gotta look into this! :)

Not sure how anyone can get that confused, dtube is obviously here for the long run. Especially with our tribes rolling out their own tubes (dtube clones like #ReggaeTube) soon via Steem Engine.


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I totally admit that at first I thought you had made a token until I read the little info tab. LOL

Steem is now a crucible for community token development, and a benchmark for token utility.
Leaving the steem ecosystem is a sudden death trap, since, there is no other blockchain can offer “real community activity” than steem.

Blockchain are people, not trading bots.
Blockchain is more than store of value, it is a currency, and a controlled right-to-participate within the blockchain ecosystem.

These 3 aspects always should be balance inorder for a token/crypto to have value.

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great explanation for newbies. i was gonna do an overview video of the layout of the site but you kinda covered a lot here, i might still do it to explain a little more because i guess a bunch of people are gonna be confused about DTC until the IEO, i'm excited for that! -- i truly believe that dtube will do very well in the years to come! :)

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